Muddled Cocktails: A Pretty Capable Sort

Guaro is a beautiful liquor that I love to play with. While sometimes hard to find in the states it is a staple in most of Central America. It's delicate funky sugar cane base is great as an alternative to white rum or Pisco classics. Usually bottled at 60 Proof, it makes a good mid-abv cocktail option. @guarocacique
is a constant on our home bar.

"A pretty capable sort":
5-6 Fresh Kumquats
3oz Guaro @guarocacique
Egg white
3 sugar cubes
Splash or water
Dash or Orange Blossom Water @cortasfood

Cut the Kumquats in half and toss in the tin with sugar cubes, splash of water, and the Guaro. #MuddleFiercely Once fully muddled, add the egg white and give it a hard shake. Once frothy, add a few cubes of ice and the Orange Blossom Water then shake till frosty. Double-strain into your best coupe glass and enjoy!

Shaking first without ice (known as a Dry Shake) helps the egg white froth as well as hold it's froth better in the glass. 🌈 The more you know... ⭐

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