Cocktail Muddler Care Instructions

Your wooden cocktail muddler has been preconditioned through a multi-step process using food safe mineral oil and beeswax wood sealer. This conditioning will last for months depending on use but over time will degrade through wash and wear. Applying food grade wood conditioner (such as our Muddler Wax) occasionally to your muddler will protect it from rot and staining.

To preserve conditioning follow a few easy rules when using your muddler:
  • Don't place your muddler in the dishwasher or allow to soak.
  • Hand rinse with water only, especially after use with staining foods.
  • Towel dry and allow it to air dry after heavy use.
  • Condition occasionally with a food safe wood product like cutting board oil or our Muddler Wax.
Lastly, this is a tool, don't be afraid to treat it like one! Scuffs, stains, and dents are the badges of a well used tool. Rot and mildew are not, so follow the above guidelines and keep your tools in top shape.