Muddled Cocktails: Archangel

A simple but interesting muddled cocktail for this evening, the Archangel. Seen here with our Birch Muddler.

1 Thick Cucumber slice
2.25oz Gin (I used my go too Old Tom @ransomspirits )
3/4oz Aperol
Classically, you want a 🍋 twist garnish but we used the last of ours in a last minute ricotta so it's a fuchsia flower from the garden.

Muddle cucumber
Add Gin, Aperol, and ice.
Strain into a chilled glass
Garnish and enjoy!

Few fun facts, 1. @ransomspirits makes one of the finest Old Tom gins I've ever had. 2. Fuchsia flowers are in fact edible. 3. Our Muddlers will smash the hell out of a piece of cucumber.

🌈The more you know! 🌟

Featured here is our Birch Muddler. Perfect for mashing some watermelon to a beautiful pulp. Come get one for your own mashing needs at

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