Muddled Cocktails: Beaux of Olde

Magnificent Melon! That's what the label said anyway. Bougie Cantaloupe didn't have the same ring I guess...

We whipped up a little tiki style cocktail to see just how magnificent this melon is.

"Beaux of Olde"
2.5oz Rum (We love @twojames Doctor Bird)
Two large chunks of Cantaloupe
1/2oz Lime Juice
2 Sugar Cubes
1 teaspoon fresh chipped ginger
Cantaloupe butt to garnish

Add your ginger, sugar, and rum to the tin and #MuddleFiercely
Once the ginger is well incorporated, add the chunks of cantaloupe and smash it up again. Add ice, then shake hard till frosty. Double strain into a sweet coupe glass and make it instagram worthy with a cantaloupe butt slice for garnish. Enjoy!

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