Muddled Cocktails: Bits of Regalia

This one is an interesting pairing of Celery and Watermelon with smokey Mezcal undertones. It's a play on the awesomely batchable crusher "Infinity Pool" from @lalovingcup which our buddy @dash.arc totally got us hooked on. Drink your vegetables!

Bits of Regalia:
1oz @delmagueymezcal Vida Mezcal
1oz Celery Juice
1oz @lillet Blanc
.75oz Lemon Juice
1 large chunk watermelon
2 Sugar Cubes
Celery Bitters @scrappysbitters
Smoked salt @alaskapureseasalt

Place mezcal (we love Vida from @delmagueymezcal ), watermelon, and suger cubes in the tin and #muddlefiercelyAdd Celery Juice, Lillet, Lemon Juice, ice, and a couple shakes of celery bitters (@scrappysbitters is our favorite and they are Seattle local!). Shake till frosty. For a night time cocktail pour into a smoked salt (we used this amazing alder smoked salt from @alaskapureseasalt ) rimmed coupe or for a hot day cooler, add to a tall smoked salt rimmed glass with ice and top with soda. Enjoy!

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