Muddled Cocktails: Curbside P-Patch

Amaro Cocktails FTW!

We finally made a trip over to @fastpennyspirits to try their amaro and they are f'ing spectacular! Smooth, herbally, and use a ton of local PNW ingredients.

We mixed up a variation on their cocktail the "Community Garden".

Curbside P-Patch:
2 oz Vodka ( @batch206 )
.75 oz @fastpennyspirits Amaricano Bianca
Large chunk grapefruit
.25 oz simple syrup
Extra mint and grapefruit for garnish

​Muddle mint and grapefruit in the tin. Add vodka, Amaro, simple, and ice. Gently turn a few times to incorporate. Strain into a cool glass, garnish, and then read every bit of content on @highproofpreacher website to figure out how to take a half way decent cocktail photo. Enjoy! 

(Quick tip: When muddling soft herbs it's best to press and rock not press and twist. This reduces the risk of tearing your herbs into tiny shards that stick to your teeth later. Obviously this only works on a flat bottomed muddler like ours. Remember kids #saynotoserratedmuddlers )

Featured here is our Walnut Muddlerspecifically designed to treat your herbs (like mint in this case) gently while also pulverizing fruits. Best of both worlds! Check us out at to get yours.

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