Muddled Cocktails: Desert Seahorse

Checkout this beautiful Fig Daiquiri I'm calling the Desert Seahorse.

Desert Seahorse:
2.5oz Rum @plantation.rum Original Dark
1oz fresh lime juice
1 Ripe Desert King Fig (Bonus internet points if you grew it yourself!)
2 cubes raw sugar

Muddle Sugar, Lime juice, and Figs until fully incorporated. Any fig varietal will do but desert kings have a beautiful earthy sweetness.

Add Rum (I prefer a dark aged rum for my Daiquiris but I don't judge) and ice.

Shake vigorously until the tin frosts.

Double strain into your favorite coup.


The thin pulp from the figs gives this a beautiful texture and ruby red color. Earthy and sweet, complementing the aged rum. Perfect for a hot day...

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