Muddled Cocktails: Elaborate Dos

We love a good spicy cocktail so when we asked our followers for cocktail ideas we were all over this "Arrack-Pineapple-Fire" idea from @dash.arc .

Elaborate Dos:
2 large chunks fresh pineapple
2.5oz Batavia Arrack
1/2 Fresno Pepper
3 Sugar Cubes
1/2 Fresno for Garnish

Chuck the pineapple, sugar, and chopped up fresno in the tin and #muddlefiercely

Any pepper will work but we like the smoky bite of a fresno. Add Arrack and Ice, then shake vigorously until frosty. Double strain into a kick ass glass and over garnish with a big ole piece of that beautiful 🌶️.

We love Arrack and always keep a bottle on the bar. If you haven't played with this funky rum variant you are missing out!

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