Muddled Cocktails: Focus (on)

If you haven't played with Baijiu yet you are missing out! This funky, earthy, weird fruity, unique potion from China is the most consumed liquor in the world, but finding it stateside can be an adventure.

We are lucky to have a Baijiu distillery right down way in Portland @vinndistillery, which makes this wild liquor. We mixed it up with some muddled Golden Dragon fruit in this cocktail.

"Focus (on)":
2oz - @vinndistillery Baijiu
1oz - Lime Juice
1 - Sugar Cube
One large spoonful of Dragon Fruit
1 Egg White

Add Dragon Fruit, sugar cube, and Baijiu to the tin. Add a second cube if your Dragon Fruit is more on the earthy than the sweet side. They differ with ripeness. #muddlefiercely

Add egg white and lime juice then shake vigorously till frothy. Add ice, then shake again till the tin is frosty.

Double strain into a fancy glass and top with Angostura.

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