Muddled Cocktails: Grand-paw would be proud

We are leaning heavy into our Indiana roots for this one! Featuring another Midwestern fruit called the pawpaw.

Pawpaws are an interesting fruit, they grow on low trees with the flesh being sweet and custard like. The taste is like if a banana, mango, and pineapple had a funky Indiana lovechild. Crazy fact for your next trivia night, pawpaws are the largest edible fruit indigenous to the USA.

Usually we would go forage them ourselves but it's been crazy so we picked up a few from one of our favorite farm stands @justmefarm !

Our friends over @cardinalspirits make a beautiful fruity light rum to set this drink up right.

Grand-paw would be proud:
1 Medium pawpaw
2oz Tiki Rum (@cardinalspirits )
3/4oz Pineapple Juice
1/2oz Simple
Crushed Ice

Skin, de-seed, and chop up your pawpaw into chunks, add to a tin with the pineapple juice and #muddlefiercely. Add Rum, Simple, and ice. Shake till frosty. Poor your crushed ice in a glass, double-strain the sweet juice on top. Grandpa didn't need no garnish.

Featured here is our Birch Muddler. Made especially to muddle all the sweet nectar from whatever fruit you are working with. Come get one! They are pretty too. Visit to get yours today.

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