Muddled Cocktails: I'll Take Two

 Toasted coconut adds depth of flavor to a classic formula. This cocktail is made with a homemade toasted coconut rum but if you live in range @hardtruthspirits has a fantastic option available!

"I'll Take Two"

2oz Toasted Coconut Rum (recipe below)
.75oz Lime Juice
½ White peach
4-5 Pineapple Chunks
Soda water

Muddle together peach, pineapple and lime juice, add rum, shake, double strain over ice filled glass, top with soda. 
Garnish with pineapple frond, grilled pineapple and toasted coconut. Enjoy!

Toasted Coconut Rum:
 750 ml Rum, of your choice. I used white @bacardi
¾ cup Virgin cold pressed coconut oil
2 cups Toasted sweetened coconut flakes
Grab a huge Mason jar, pour in rum, melt Coconut oil, add to jar. Shake, let sit for 4 hours. Freeze for 2 hours or until fat solidifies and separates. Remove fat, add coconut flakes, shake, let sit overnight, strain through cheesecloth, squeeze out the rest of the liquid gold.

Featured here is our Walnut Muddler, every one is different due to grain patterns and which part of the tree it comes from. Check us out at to get yours.

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