Muddled Cocktails: Madam, I’m Adam

Another grapefruit creation this evening and another chance to show off these beautiful new Cherry Hardwood Muddlers. 

I love this tall glass and had a craving for a savory Ramos style drink to fill it so I came up with this little concoction.

"Madam, I'm Adam":
2oz Tequila @espolontequila
1 Large Chunk Red Grapefruit
1/2oz heavy cream
1 Egg White
2-3 Sage leaves
3 Sugar Cubes
Soda Water
Sage leaves to Garnish

Add your rind free chunk of Grapefruit , sugar cubes, and the sage leaves to the tin. Muddle till the juice is well expelled and incorporated. Strain the juice into half the tin and toss the solids.

Add Tequila (we love @espolontequila for this), heavy cream, and the egg white. Then shake the living hell out of it. We start with a "dry shake", meaning no ice, to help get maximum froth. Sometimes pulling the spring from your hawthorne strainer and dropping it in the tin can help. Once your arms are tired, add ice and shake some more to chill and slightly dilute.

Once it is at a thick foamy texture, pour into your glass, rinse your tin with a bit of soda water and top the drink. Add a bit of sage for Garnish and enjoy!

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