Muddled Cocktails: Mint Julep

Two Brothers, two derby predictions.

Growing up just north of Louisville, we are big fans of the Derby; having been to several and never missed catching the race. 

Obviously we are making a Mint Julep, a classic muddled cocktail. Featured here in a 145 Derby Julep cup.

Mint Julep

2.5oz Bourbon @woodfordreserve
2 Sugar cubes
Splash of water
5 mint leaves
Crushed ice

Gently muddle mint, sugar, and splash of water in a julep cup. This is where you need a flat bottom muddlers like ours not one of those serrated ones that cut up your mint.
Add Bourdon
Top with crushed ice
Add more crushed ice
Garnish with mint

Featured here is our Walnut Muddler. Perfect for smashing odd fruit. Check us out at to get yours.

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