Muddled Cocktails: Muddled Caesar

We just launched in Canada!

We may not be able to travel to Canada again just yet but our muddlers can! All Canadian provinces are now available for shipping on our website. Special thanks to our friend from the north @cocktailsbycraig for being our guinea pig and testing our paperwork skills.


To celebrate, we whipped up a Canadian Classic with some muddling mixed in. Featured here is our Walnut muddler, perfectly designed to smash up a great riff on a Caesar or a Mary.

Muddled Caesar:
2 slices Cucumber
2 thick slices Jalapeno
2oz gin (Vodka is good and all but we love gin in our brunch. We used @tanqueraygin for this beauty)
4oz @ficksdrink bloody mary mix
1oz Clam juice @barharborfoods
Celery stick
@mccormickspice Montreal Steak Seasoning
Handmade Canadian flag (optional but encouraged)

Add gin, cucumber, and jalapeno to the tin and #muddlefiercely . Once well incorporated add mary mix and clam juice, then shake to mix. 🦪While we definitely considered muddling our own clam juice we weren't sure quite how that worked so we went with ready to use. 🤔 Rim the glass with the seasoning, throw in a stick of celery for garnish, add ice, and pin the sweet flag that took you longer to make than you would like to admit. Enjoy!
Featured here is our Walnut Muddler. Grab yours today at

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