Muddled Cocktails: Muddled Radler

A simple drink for complex times...

Fresh squeezing grapefruit juice, especially at home, is a pain! Those awesome hand held citrus squishers (technical term) are not big enough and if you try to do it without the rind it just squirts everywhere.

That's why we always muddle our grapefruit! Also, we own a muddler business but I'd say we are only slightly biased.

Muddled Radler:
1 Can @theoriginalolympia
1 Large Chunk Red Grapefruit
2 Sugar Cubes

Remove the rind from your Grapefruit and toss in the tin. Add the sugar cubes and #MuddleFiercely , add ice and shake hard until slight diluted. Strain into your glass and top off with your favorite beer. We are big #Oly fans around here but we won't judge. Get after this crushable combo and dream of summer.

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