Muddled Cocktails: Small Songbirds

Two fun things about this cocktail. 1. We found this awesome "honey glow" pineapple from @delmontefresh that was ridiculously sweet. So good. 2. We used Uruapan to add some funk to this cocktail. If it's not on your bar already, it should be.

Small Songbirds
1oz - @owneysrum white rum
1oz - @casatarascospirits Uruapan
1/2oz - Lime juice
1 sugar cube
1 thick slice of pineapple
1 thin slice jalapeno
Egg white

Toss the pineapple, sugar, and jalapeno into a tin and #muddlefiercely, add liquid ingredients and dry shake hard. Strain out the liquid into the top half of your time and toss the solids. Add the egg white and ice to the tin and shake till frosty. Strain into your favorite tall glass.

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