Muddled Cocktails: Letters of Urgency

Snow Leopard Melons! 

These super sweet and tasty members of the honeydew family are killer and make for a great cocktail.

Dazzling Display
3 large chunks of Snow Leopard Melon (Honeydew will also work).
2.5oz Cachaca ( @novofogo )
1oz lemon juice
.5oz Simple
Egg white
Tanjin to rim (and a little to waste for the grams)

Muddle melon in the tin.
Add simple, lemon juice, Cachaca, and egg white to the tin.
I like to pull the spring off my Hawthorne strainer and "dry" shake my egg whites with it in the tin to froth everything well.
Put the spring back on, add some ice, and shake vigorously.
Add ice to glass
Strain into an already garnished glass.
Shaken hard enough and with the spring is should come close to a Ramos Gin Fizz in consistency.

Featured here is our Birch Muddler. Perfect for mashing some cool melons into something drinkable.

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