Muddled Cocktails: The Book Was Better

Swung by to see our friends @navystrengthseattle and they brought me a cocktail that was on fire! Inspiration ensued...

"The book was better":
2.5 ounces @plantation.rum overproof
1/2 Blood Orange
1/2oz Lime Juice
2 sugar cubes
Couple shakes Peychaud's bitters
Crushed ice

Gently pull the pulp from the blood orange, keeping the half shell intact. Drop the pulp in the tin with the sugar and lime juice #muddlefiercely. Add Rum, bitters, and ice. Shake vigorously. Fill glass with crushed ice, strain in cocktail. Pack on a bit more crushed ice and the half shell. Splash a bit of that overproof into the shell and light it up! Add a paper straw (for the sea turtles) and enjoy!

Featured here is our Walnut Muddler! Made to bash the juice right out of an 🍊. Grab yours today at

Disclaimer: 🔥 is hot and burns things... Especially when mixed with alcohol.

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