Muddled Cocktails: The PHS

We muddled up a batch of Pineapple-Habanero Shrub to make this rum cocktail. No name yet! Give us your ideas in the comments.

Pineapple Shrub:
Equal parts Pineapple, Sugar, White Wine or Champagne Vinegar. One Habanaro.

Muddle chunks of pineapple, diced habanero, and sugar together until well incorporated.
Place in fridge overnight
Add Vinegar and let rest in fridge an additional day or two.
Strain out solids, don't forget to use your Muddler to squeeze out those juices.

2.5oz rum we used @plantation.rum Overproof Dark
2oz Shrub
Crushed ice

Pack crushed ice into a tall glass, add all other ingredients to a shaker and give it a good mix. Strain into crushed ice glass. Garnish. Enjoy.

Featured here is our Walnut Muddler, every one is different due to grain patterns and which part of the tree it comes from. Check us out at to get yours.

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