Muddled Cocktails: The Sazerac

To commemorate America getting it's collective head out of it's 🍑 once again we have to go with a classic; the Sazerac.

A great sazerac is simple but greatly benefits from three key things. A great Absinthe (we used our favorite from @copperandkings ), a great Rye (loving this @angelsenvy ), and a great muddler!

Sazerac (made per @mr.bostonofficial ):
2oz @angelsenvy Rye
3 shakes Peychaud's Bitters
1 Sugar Cube
1/4oz @copperandkings Absinthe
Lemon Twist

Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice and set aside. In a separate glass, drop in the cube, shake in the bitters and muddle. Add Rye and stir until incorporated. Discard ice from the first glass and wash with Absinthe. Pour in the whiskey mixture from the second glass and express the lemon over the cocktail. Discard the lemon twist. Enjoy!

Featured here is our Walnut Muddler. Built with the working bartender in mind who is mashing that cube the old fashioned way, cause they care. Grab yours today at

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