Muddled Cocktails: Wind-up Toys

Headed up to Edison, WA over the weekend to check out @terramarbrewstillery and their new Whiskey. They did not disappoint!

Pulled together a nice little cocktail to pair with this local single malt, using some frozen peaches for our mashable product.

"Wind-up Toys":
2.5oz Whiskey @terramarbrewstillery
.5oz Lemon Juice
Couple of chunks of frozen peach
Couple dashes orange flower water
2 sugar cubes
Big ice chunk

Drop your peaches in the tin and let them warm for a few minutes. Add sugar cubes and whiskey then #MuddleFiercely

Once the sugar is incorporated, add lemon juice and a couple dashes of Orange flower water.

Shake hard, I didn't need ice as the peach was still cold enough to chill the tin.

Ice in the glass, strain into your favorite high ball, give it a little garnish for the grams and enjoy!

Featured here is our Birch Muddler, made especially for smashing up your frozen harvest into your favorite cocktail. Grab yours today at

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