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Muddled Cocktails: Early Retirement

Brown butter washed bourbon and foraged mushroom salts make this stunner unique - The Early Retirement.Early Retirement:2.5oz Brown Butter washed @fourrosesbourbon.5oz Lemon Juice2 Cubes SugarSplash of waterLemon peelSageChanterelle salts for garnish.Muddle lemon peel, sugar, lemon juice, and splash of water.Add sage and lightly muddle, careful not to tear the herbs. (Flat bottom muddlers FTW!)Add homemade brown butter washed bourbon (we used @fourrosesbourbon)Toss a couple times in the tin to incorporate.Rim with homemade Chanterelle salts cause you're outdoorsy like that.This spring when the bar I work at shuttered it's doors for what would turn out to be much longer than any of us expected I did what a lot of us did, I took to the outdoors. I explored more areas, learned new...

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Muddled Cocktails: Maxwell's Return

Someone was making pineapple based cocktails on IG yesterday and that got me inspired to make a beautiful cocktail called - Maxwell's Return Maxwell's Return:15 Fresh rosemary leaves2 Ounce(s)Gin @_big_gin1 Ounce(s) Pineapple Juice1/2 Ounce(s) Fresh Lime Juice1/4 Ounce(s) Green Chartreuse2 Sugar CubesSplash of waterIceRosemary sprig for garnishI like whole ingredients so I muddled 2 large chunks of ripe pineapple, sugar cubes, rosemary, and a splash of water.Add gin (I used Seattle's own @_big_gin Bourbon Barreled Gin), lime juice, Chartreuse, and ice.Shake vigorously.Double strain into a coup glassGarnishEnjoy!Featured here is our Birch Muddler, this one has been well loved and is still going strong. Starting to show some beautiful patina from nearly a year of cocktails. Check them out at

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